HSE policy Dubai


Picking your Facility Management Company in Dubai is not a small game, it should be carefully analyzed and thought about, before making the right choice. Experience and Expertise in the area should be the measuring scale. But what are the benefits of choosing the right kind of company, well, there’s a lot to gain out of choosing the perfect company for your Facility Management needs.


  • Knowledge and Inventiveness
  • Experience & Professionalism
  • HSE & Safety Protocols

Knowledge and Inventiveness:

The two factors here matter a lot when you are looking at a prosperous future for your building. The right kind of inventiveness will aid you in everything from saving space to even cutting down on cost.

Experience & Professionalism:

This is the second factor that matters equally, experience in this industry means polished instincts to look out for the best opportunities around in the maintenance field. Experience combined with professionalism, it can’t get better than that.

HSE & Safety Protocols:

Safety Management should be the top most priority when it comes to top facility management. Following the same requires experience, expertise and an eye for detail, and that’s what Galaxy Technical Services are keen on bringing out.

Get better quality Facility Management services at an affordable cost at the right time!

Galaxy Technical is one of the best facility management companies in UAE to deliver professional facility services for residential and commercial clients. We help to improve the productivity and performance of the facilities on a regular or scheduled basis.