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Introduction to chiller system

A Chiller is a sublime machine that removes heat from a liquid coolant by vapour- Compression, Adsorption, Refrigeration or absorption refrigeration cycles. It also transports Heat from one location to keep other locations cool.

Types of chillers:

Chillers fall under two main categories in the names of Vapor compression and vapor absorption chillers. These two categories expanded to six types based on their working ability.

Vapor absorption:

  • Air chillers
  • Water fluid chillers

Uses for move the refrigerant around the system with the use of the heat.

Vapor compression:

  • Centrifugal compression
  • Scroll compression
  • Reciprocating compression
  • Screw compression

Uses for force a refrigerant around the system by electrically driven mechanical compression.

An evaporator, Compressor, Condenser and Expansion unit are the main components of a chiller unit. Every chiller system contains a refrigerant.

Air-cooled chillers:

Air-cooled chillers are among the most commonly used refrigeration systems for commercial and industrial facilities.

  • Lower installed cost and maintenance due to its simple construction.
  • No handling problem with air
  • Used for low capacity
  • No problem in disposing of used air
  • Tower and mechanical room not required
  • Adapt to most climates


Water-cooled chillers:

  • Used for large capacity, especially industrial plants
  • Can operate on lower condensing temperature
  • Higher efficiency
  • Longer life

Both Air chillers and Water chillers are very alike components. The predominant difference between Air &Water chillers is the way of ejecting unwanted heat.

Chiller compressions:

It uses a mechanical compressor to force a refrigerant around the cooling system. Sometimes compression is paired with refrigerated air driers to get rid of potentially harmful Moisture in the chilled air.

Screw compressor chillers:

  • Can use in both water- and air-cooled chillers
  • Best choice for small, medium cooling loads
  • Manufactured using high-grade material procured
  • The male and female rotors are rotating in the opposite directions they draw air between them.


Reciprocating compressor chillers:

  • Good for small application
  • Low/no consumption power while unloading
  • Simple construction makes operation easy
  • Operates over a wide range of pressure
  • Easy maintenance


Centrifugal compressor chillers:

  • Good for high-pressure applications
  • Low maintenance and running cost
  • Does not require a special foundation
  • Can be 1500 HP or larger


Scroll compressor chillers:

  • Best for large-scale air-conditioning applications
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Fewer moving parts and less torque
  • More efficient than standard compressors

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