modular chillers for hvac companies in dubai

Modular Chillers for the Air Conditioning and Hvac Industries

When compared to a regular chiller, a modular chiller can increase the cooling capacity of your system by using two or more modules. The capacity of the modules as a whole is more than that of a single ordinary chiller. Modular chillers come in a variety of varieties, including modular air-cooled chillers and modular water-cooled chillers. However, the compressor, condenser, expansion device, and evaporator are the same main components in both types of systems. Centrifugal, screw, and scroll compressors are a few of the subtypes that fall under those two basic kinds.

How it works?

One of these chiller modules controls the other when you combine two of them in parallel or in series. Through a microprocessor controller, the two modules may interact with one another. In water-cooled chillers, the chilled water flows from the chilled water supply of both modules to the main module’s chilled water supply header and return header after cooling in the heat exchanger.


1) Because they are smaller than typical chillers, they are perfect for retrofitting older heating and cooling systems.

2) The modules are easier to integrate into an existing HVAC system than a typical chiller. Having numerous modules also increases the redundancy of your system.

3) Less downtime in the event of a module failure since each one has its own dedicated power source, allowing it to continue providing cooling for your system.

4) Modular chillers also effortlessly satisfy the ASHRAE 90.1 criteria.

5) A few manufacturers employ non-ozone depleting refrigerants.

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