Remote Condition Monitoring

What Is Remote Condition Monitoring?

Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) is a process of collecting and analyzing data from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to detect and diagnose faults, optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.With RCM, sensors installed at key points on equipment identify critical changes in performance from baseline metrics. RCM can be implemented using various technologies, such as sensors, wireless communication, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Advantages of Remote Monitoring Technology

  • Eliminating human error
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs
  • Reducing Power Consumption
  • Enabling more proactive maintenance

Eliminating human error

With remote monitoring, data is continuously captured and analyzed. This intelligence can be used to quickly and accurately pinpoint causes of concern and initiate an appropriate response. RCM can provide real-time feedback, alerts and recommendations to the users based on the data collected from the HVAC systems.

Reducing maintenance and operating costs

Remote vibration and temperature monitoring help to avoid unplanned downtime by flagging problems well before they cause failure and enabling a quick response. With RCM, users can see vibration trending upward and respond proactively. avoiding any major damage to equipment and disruption of operations.

Reducing Power Consumption

RCM helps to reduce power consumption. Maintenance personnel can visualize a system’s efficiency metrics in real-time and quickly identify when the system is using more power than normal or necessary. With energy a major operating expense, optimizing system power consumption can result in considerable long-term savings.

Enabling more proactive maintenance

Traditional preventive-maintenance plans depend on inspections performed at predetermined intervals. For equipment operating in harsh industrial environments, a lot can happen between maintenance visits. Many plant owners are turning to proactive maintenance capabilities enabled by RCM technology.

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